A downloadable game for Windows

Press Tab to use computers and Esc to bring up the mouse

My inspiration for this game came from a previous 2D text game i did. I wanted to do something different so i decided to make it into 3D game world. When i first started i wanted to make a space station where you have to walk around it repairing it but since i'm just starting i couldn't make it work so i ended up making a story driven game. I'm not the greatest when it comes to story and don't particularly enjoy it i stuck with it anyway. What i do like is level design and trying to create atmosphere. Building the level and trying to make it feel real was the best part of the creation process and since it's my first time creating a world like this i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It wasn't that hard to do really since all it is is a dark space station with an atmospheric audio slapped onto it. Most of the work for the game was creating the actual level in sketchup which i really enjoy doing and since it's a really easy program to use you can bang out a lot of assets really quickly. The hardest part of the whole project would probably have been trying to get the teleporters to work because i never did anything like them before.

In the future i'll probably stick to trying to create a good atmosphere and a good level to get my skills at both up. Overall i'm pretty happy with the game besides the story. It was a bit of a disappointment but i had to compromise somewhere.


deep space 2 electric boogaloo_Data.zip 25 MB